Our Property Management Services


We’ve found that nearly 99% of people find their next rental or home online. That said, our leasing service uses state of the art technology in RE to lease the property without the use of a sign in the yard. We start with professional listing photos, and for the clients that want a little extra flare to their listing, we now offer 360 Virtual Tours with a Matterport 360 camera. We don’t make claims to how fast we can lease a property. That boils down to the PRICE & CONDITION of the property. We work with our clients to determine the best price, and always make sure our condition, is one of the best on the street!

Application Process

Every landlord wants the best tenant they can find. We do too. If the tenant isn’t paying rent, we aren’t charging our management fee so its imperative that we lease the property to qualified applicants. Every applicant goes through the same screening process. Credit, Criminal, Eviction, Rental & Job History checks. We are thorough, so you can be rest assured the tenant getting placed, is up to the task of paying rent and maintaining the property like the owner would.


Prior to each tenant move-in, we perform a Before-Move-in inspection to determine the condition prior to the tenant moving in. This is easily the most cost saving task we perform. After every tenant move-out, we perform an After move out inspection to determine what is needed for the next tenant. Additionally we determine if there are any charges to place on the prior tenants deposit. Our inspections come with highly trained inspectors, that often don’t miss an item that needs to be addressed for the next tenant move in. Routine inspections are done within the 1st 6 months of a tenant move in, and then completed 1 time per year. Additionally we have self inspections for tenants to complete online, so we are rest assured we always know the condition of the clients rental.


The property management agreement signed with True Guard allows the PM to act for the owner on all repair matters up to $500. TG addresses repairs based on the understanding the owner desires to maintain a 4/5 Star Business. TG addresses repairs to satisfy making sure the property maintains its 4/5 Star Status through out the occupancy of the tenant. Emergency repairs are handled 24/7 to ensure property health and tenant safety are in rental code compliance. When repairs comes up, we first look to see if it’s an owner or tenant responsibility to address/pay for. If the repair is required under the states rental code, or needs to be addressed to maintain the 4/5 Star Business health status, then True Guard acts accordingly to address the repair to the best of their abilities. While understanding cost effective approaches to repairs is at the forefront of our repairs process, TG Clients can be rest assured we are always BUILDING our network of vendors to use. The more we know, the better pricing and service we can obtain for our clients.


We make accounting a breeze with easy to read monthly owner statements. We send our rent funds through direct deposit, ensuring a swift payment to the client. We additionally assist with end of year 1099’s and rental tax statements for your tax professionals. Our tenants also have the ability to pay rents online.


We are a calendar management driven company. This means we have the TIME to speak with a Client or Tenant concerning their property. We accomplish this by giving our clients and Tenants a direct line of communication to their Property Manager via Calendly (An easy to use scheduling software.) Real estate advice and conflict resolution on-demand from your Property Manager, is the goal we are shooting for with our communication.

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