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DFW Property Management Company

True Guard Property Management was founded by real estate Broker/Owner Tom Lail in 2016. The idea behind the name is to be true and honest in all business practices and to guard the valuable assets of the owner and tenant. A great deal of effort goes into ensuring we maintain an open line of communication with owners, tenants, and vendors. Having great communication makes any obstacle faced easier to manage together. We understand owning a rental property is a business. As a tenant or owner, aligning yourself with good businessmen & women makes any property obstacle, easy to overcome.

More Then Just A Property management Company

What sets us apart from other companies?

We aren’t too worried about other Management companies. We don’t compare our services or pricing to other companies, as we are simply focused on being better within ourselves as a team 1st, then a company 2nd. Growth in knowledge, not numbers, is what we are truly about. We are more than just a property management company. We create partnerships with our Clients, Vendors and Tenants… this is what sets us apart.

Our Commitment To Growth

When we say growth , we don’t always mean gaining new properties or company value . Often we mean we are growing and developing new strategies and processes to make property management the most efficient and cost effective for the client , vendor and tenant . While most companies are committed to managing the property like they’ve been doing for years , we always ask ourselves How can we make this faster and more cost effective ?

True Guard is committed to knowledge growth , and information growth Additionally the training for the staff is top notch . Everyone is on board and knows the same information , making the foundation on which True Guard is built , the strongest the DFW Market has ever seen .

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