Property Management

TrueGuard.US is a full-service property management company
that offers a range of services to its clients

Property Management Services

TrueGuard is a full-service property management company that offers a range of services to its clients. Here are some of the capabilities of:

Tenant Placement

TrueGuard can help property owners find tenants by performing background checks, leases, and a before move-in home assessment to determine the pre-tenancy condition. This ensures that the tenant is a good fit for the property and that the property is in good condition before the tenant moves in.

Clear Accounting

TrueGuard provides an owner/tenant portal that offers monthly statements, year-end 1099s, and cash flow reports. Having portal access offers property owners a place to keep track and stay up-to-date on the performance of their properties, and have access to important property lease & tax documents. On the back end where it counts, we also partner with 3rd party accounting firms that perform triple tie out monthly bank reconciliations to account for property funds, so we always know where your portfolio’s money is.


TrueGuard ensures that the property is assessed on-site yearly to confirm that the tenant is maintaining the property with accordance to the lease, while additionally providing new renewal contract terms backed by a new market analysis for landlord review. This ensures that the property is being well-maintained and that the landlord is getting a fair market rate for their property every year. 

Move outs

TrueGuard ensures the smooth transition of possession from tenant, to management company and back to a new tenant with a streamlined move out process. We help account for the condition at Move-out, Transfer of utilities to our company name while vacant, provide estimates for repairs, and offer recommendations based on evidence to support any possible tenant deposit charges.


Evictions are sometimes necessary to move on from a tenant that is not performing on their lease obligations. Through TrueGuard we first try to negotiate with your tenants for a solution before moving forward with legal action. We can appear in eviction court on your behalf and provide necessary next steps should there be a need for a collections judgment due to damages beyond deposit totals. We recommend consulting with an attorney if you have any legal questions. We don’t provide legal advice, but can discuss the process of how the courts handle evictions and small claim matters. 

Overall, TrueGuard offers a comprehensive suite of property management services that can help property owners manage their properties more effectively. Whether you need help finding tenants, managing your properties, or renewing leases, TrueGuard has the expertise and experience to help you get the most out of your investment.

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