Streamlined Maintenance Processes, Project Management and Vendor relations. Clients and Tenants have access to a robust network of industry experts, contractors, tradespeople, and vendors to service requests.

Maintenance Services

TrueGuard offers a range of home repair solutions by working with industry experts, contractors, tradespeople, and vendors in local Texas markets. Here are some of the capabilities of TrueGuard in the Maintenance space:

Streamlined Maintenance Processes and Project Management

TrueGuard offers industry leading communication tools and a vast maintenance network to supply the Landlord/Investor/Tenant the best solution for any maintenance problem. TrueGuard is a Project Management solution for any home repair request from lightbulbs being changed, to new granite countertops and stainless steel appliances being installed on your next flip. We ensure that repairs are done quickly and efficiently, while providing photos of completed works and clear accounting for invoicing/payables.

On-demand and Scheduled Routine Home Assessments

TrueGuard offers on-demand and scheduled routine home assessments with vacant or tenant-occupied properties. This ensures that the property is being well-maintained throughout the tenancy.

Vendor Relations

TrueGuard.US understands the importance and value of building vendor relations and offering a robust customer service experience. We also know who to send out to the job, and that is our biggest value. We don’t send the plumber for a handyman task, and we don’t send the handyman out for the mold. We take our maintenance network out to lunch and coffee, we communicate with them about work load and new opportunities to help add value to our clients and tenants. We do the heavy lifting of vetting and building trust in our maintenance networks through trial and error.

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