Home Assessments

TrueGuard.US offers a range of home assessment services to help property owners maintain their properties current and future value.

Home Assessment Services

TrueGuard offers a range of home assessment services to help property owners maintain their properties current and future value. Here are some of the capabilities of TrueGuard in the Home Assessments space:

Before Move-in Assessment

Before a tenant occupies the home, TrueGuard walks the property to determine whether it’s ready to be moved into and to document the prior condition. The assessment includes capturing several hundred photos of the interior and the exterior of the property, complete on a pdf report for future records. The before move-in report is included with your move-in leasing fees. This reporting process ensures that the property is in move-in condition before the tenant occupies, and the pre-tenancy condition is accounted for.

After Move-out Assessment

Upon the tenants vacating the property, TrueGuard performs an after move-out assessment where several hundred photos of the interior and exterior are captured, noting any damages and property concerns. We also provide estimates for review and utilize the before move-in assessment, routine assessments, and after move-out assessment to help determine any possible tenant damages to itemize on their security deposit return. This ensures that the tenant is held responsible for any damages they may have caused during tenancy.

Routine Assessments

At least once per year, TrueGuard visits the property to ensure the home is being maintained properly as according to the lease. This routine assessment also builds relationships with tenants and allows for open discussion on any potential issues they might encounter during their tenancy. TrueGuard prefers to make renewals of lease contracts contingent on reviewing the condition of the property, so owners and tenants always know the property is being maintained and accounted for before proceeding with new lease terms. We do offer on-demand routine assessments, just email your property manager for scheduling.

Move outs

TrueGuard ensures the smooth transition of possession from tenant, to management company and back to a new tenant with a streamlined move out process. We help account for the condition at Move-out, Transfer of utilities to our company name while vacant, provide estimates for repairs, and offer recommendations based on evidence to support any possible tenant deposit charges.

Licensed Home Inspections

The Home assessment TrueGuard inspectors and property managers perform is not as invasive or thorough as a licensed home inspection would be. We do recommend getting a licensed home inspection every 5-7 years on your rental property. This type of inspection is often only done at time of purchase, but it offers the highest value and most comprehensive understanding of your properties overall health. During these inspections, the inspector checks everything from the foundation levels to the roof. It’s like taking your house to the doctor for a check up. This is a separate inspection outside of our services offered, however we have multiple licensed home inspectors in our network to recommend that we work with on a weekly basis.

Overall, TrueGuard offers a comprehensive suite of home assessment services that can help property owners maintain their properties. Whether you need help with before move-in assessments, after move-out assessments, or routine assessments, TrueGuard has the expertise and experience to help you get the most out of your investment.

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