Buying and Selling

TrueGuard.US offers expert selling and buying support to guide you through seamless real estate transactions, ensuring a smooth and successful experience.

Buying With TrueGuard

TrueGuard is a full-service property management company that offers a range of services to its clients. Here are some of the capabilities of:

Target Area

Being able to analyze any local market and understand the sales and rental value of a property is our highest value proposition. Knowing the property value helps clients make an informed decision on whether they're buying at the top or bottom of the market, and whether or not it can be leased in 30 days, or 90 days.

Video Calls

To best understand the market, we believe it’s important to show you the market, and analyze your next property acquisition together over a video call when possible. This allows us to work together to narrow down properties of interest, and have open discussion on values and market area insights not otherwise available on an email chain. Sharing screens, great invention. 

Property Assessment

Once a property has been identified, we want to put our own eyes on it and determine if any repair needs are hidden behind professional listing photos. Through our maintenance network, we are able to supply multiple bids to estimate any repair costs the seller may or may not pay for during the contract.

Contract, Inspections and Repairs

We’ll prepare an offer backed by market data and visual assessment that offers the best return on investment. We’ll assist with coordinating any licensed home inspections, repairs and final walkthroughs before closing to ensure you’re buying a pristine asset as contracted.

The Process of Selling with TrueGuard

From repairing your property, to getting it closed, we’ve got you covered.

1. Understand the Value of your Property with a CMA

We’ll run a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) on your properties neighborhood to determine what we think the value of the property is, and provide a recommendation for the starting price and an overall assessment of any potential repairs that may be needed to capture the highest sales price.

2. Sign a Listing Agreement & Sellers Disclosure

 Once we’ve agreed on a listing price, we will sign a listing agreement that discusses the starting sales price, commission rates and property details. Additionally as the seller, you will fill out and return a Sellers Disclosure that details your knowledge about the property as it pertains to things like the Roof’s age, or any prior foundation repairs.

3. Decide if we are Listing the property Tenant occupied or waiting to list when Vacant.

 If you’re looking to sell the property and your tenants lease hasn’t ended yet, don’t worry! We can still sell the property tenant occupied whether there is a year or more on the lease, or if the tenant is moving out in 30 days. The lease would be transferred to a new owner/buyer. Moving the tenant out, and then listing the property also allows for us to ensure the condition is top notch and additionally perform any needed repairs or upgrades on the property to achieve the highest

4. Move the Tenant Out - Perform AMO - Repairs

Once your tenant vacates the property, we would perform an After Move out assessment to determine what may be needed in order to sell the property, and additionally what repairs may be tenant related damages to charge against their security deposit. If we list the property and are in contract prior to a tenant move out, we would still perform the after move out inspection and determine if there are any tenant related damages to repair, or other repairs needed to satisfy the sales contract.

Also, if you’re looking to upgrade the properties flooring, countertops or paint scheme, we've got you covered with our trusted local maintenance network. If you have it in your budget to upgrade the property, we always recommend doing so to achieve the highest and best offer the market can provide when we list the property.

5. Close on the Property!

We’ve listed the property, moved the tenant out, addressed any repairs or upgrades needed and obtained the highest and best offer the market can provide. We’ll use one of our trusted Title Companies to ensure the closing process is seamless and worry free

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