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Tom Lail and the True Guard Fort Worth Property Management team are eager to help!

Every client journey starts with a conversation. We want to get to know you and understand your priorities so we can serve you best.

Why Trusting True Guard is the Smart Choice

Top Quality, Full Service

We proudly offer some of the best Fort Worth Property Management services.

Transparent Pricing

Our pricing is easy to understand and clearly explained. There are only ever 4 fees!

Commitment to Growth

We think of each rental property we manage as a business, and we work to ensure they grow!

A Local Presence

Fort Worth is our home, and we’re proud to serve it! We know the area because we live here.

Time-Proven Processes

True Guard has been serving Ft Worth for a while, and our processes are tried & tested.

Our Fort Worth Property Management Services:


Easily our most cost-saving task, we have a very well thought-out schedule of inspections performed at strategic intervals. These include:

  • Before-Move-In Inspection,
  • routine inspections during the first 6 months with a new tenant,
  • and after that, Annually.
  • Finally, we perform an After-Move-Out inspection referencing our B.M.I. report to determine whether any charges will be placed on the prior tenants deposit.

We aim for 100% clarity and confidence. After careful thought developing it, we’re very proud of and confident in the quality of our Inspection process.

Our Communication

Our clients and tenants have a direct line of communication with their rental property manager and can directly view our calendar and request a meeting at an available time. This means we’ll always have time to speak with a Client or Tenant concerning their property, or if they have any pay rent questions or maintenance requests.

Real estate advice and conflict resolution on-demand from your Property Manager is the goal we are shooting for with our communication. In fact, on, we’re recognized for our excellent communication and responsiveness with both tenants and property owners.

Full-Service Brokerage

We sell our client’s properties at a discounted rate, and additionally help acquire new real estate investment rentals or personal homes with our in-house real estate team. Providing a well informed, high-level full service real estate experience throughout the process for the Client.


We make accounting a breeze with easy to read monthly property owner statements. We send our rent funds through direct deposit, ensuring a swift payment to the client. We additionally assist with end of year 1099’s and rental tax statements for your tax professionals.

No Cancellation Fees

Clients can cancel their rental property management agreement with a 30-day written notice if you’re not satisfied with our services. We doubt you’ll cancel though.

Our Transparent Pricing


(Flat Fee)

This covers the monthly full-service management of the rental property. Accounting, Inspections, Defusing Situations, Handling Repairs, Contract negotiations, and above all, Real Estate Advice on Demand.


(Flat Fee)

This covers executing a renewal agreement with the tenant for an agreed-upon time period. (Typically 12 Months+)

It is our top priority and goal to acquire a renewed contract at an increased rate. We facilitate and negotiate on your behalf to accomplish this mutual goal.


Of the 1st Month’s Rent

This covers the listing and leasing of the property.

  • Professional listing photos

  • Virtual 360 Tour (New!)

  • Weekly updates on action

  • Extensive background checks.

  • Lease contract writing

To learn more about our pricing, schedule an inspection!

Our Commitment to Growth

When we say growth, we don’t always mean gaining new properties or company value. Often we mean we are growing and developing new strategies and processes to make our full-service property management company the most efficient and cost-effective for the client, vendor and tenant.

While most companies are committed to managing the property like they’ve been doing for years, we always ask ourselves – How can we make this faster and more cost-effective?

True Guard is committed to knowledge growth and information growth. Additionally, the training for the staff is top-notch. Everyone is on board and knows the same information, making the True Guard property management company foundation the strongest in Tarrant County.

Proven Processes

If your home is vacant

We follow a 10 step process to ensure we occupy it as quickly as possible with a safe and reliable tenant.

If your home is occupied

We follow a 4 step process that ensures your property and tenant are well taken care of and comfortable.

Whether your property is vacant and needs renting, or occupied and needs immediate attention…

Trust the process. We’ve got your back.

True Guard Fort Worth Property Management - Born and Bred in Tarrant County

It’s fantastic that so many businesses can operate from almost anywhere. The freedom to live in a totally different state or even country from your workplace is amazing, but a property manager simply HAS to be local!

Our team isn’t just based in Fort Worth and Tarrant County. Many of us were born and grew up here. We’ve got our favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurants and know the best shortcuts around the city.

Our local presence in Tarrant County ensures that we can offer 24/7 support to our clients, whether tenant or property owner. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Every client journey starts with a conversation. With us, it’s personal.

Why Choose True Guard Property Management?

What Our Customers Say

True Guard Property Management has been a part of the DFW community for years, and over that time we’ve worked very hard and very intentionally to build a strong relationship with our customers and with the community. Take a look at some of our most recent reviews on Google and Facebook:

Emmanuel GonzalezEmmanuel Gonzalez
17:22 08 Feb 22
I personally wont be using there services any longer, I leased my property with them for a year now, and its been bitter sweet journey. At the beginning they are very responsive to any question you have, as time goes on they don't communicate nor update you on what's going on with the property. My tenants expressed un-satisfaction they placed request multiple times and they never received a response. They reached out for other matters and same thing they did not respond. I had to do work that I hired them to do. needless to say I wont use them again.
Ann PatounasAnn Patounas
19:41 10 Nov 18
Tom has taken care of our rental properties for the last four or five years. He is smart and applies common sense to any situation which leads to a positive outcome always; he is a great communicator, responsive to our needs as well as the needs of the rental and the tenants. He is knowledgeable with what is happening in the rental market and has guided me more than once in not making mistakes that could have cost me thousand of dollars. He has an unbelievable list of repair vendors that he works with.I would very much recommend Tom to anyone as their property manager.
Sam RoosaSam Roosa
23:48 03 Oct 18
I am military and transferred to another state leaving my home back in Texas rented out. I found Tom’s company while searching online and after speaking with him and several other companies, I decided to sign up with him to take care of my property. It was the best decision and eases the anxiety of leaving my house behind knowing that he is there to take care of it. Always responsive to any questions I have, fast rent payments and fast response to trouble ticket placed by the tenant.He is by far the cheapest company I found, but you get a great quality of service which is both personal and professional. I highly recommend Tom’s company
Ryan CurtisRyan Curtis
20:38 13 Nov 17
I love Tom's Property Management. Working with Tom has been one of the best decisions of our lives. We didn't have enough equity on our house, but we were moving out of state, and its nice knowing that we don't have to worry about anything. Tom takes care of everything for us. Hes professional and a great guy. Because of him we actually have been thinking about getting more properties to turn into rental properties. I would recommend him to anyone.
Nathan SchuhNathan Schuh
01:10 11 Nov 17
Such a lifting of burden! Tom has been on top of every detail seen and unseen regarding our latest property purchases as well as getting our existing properties ready and marketed to attract the best quality tenants. This is of utmost importance to us as we reside out of state. We are actually in a similar business of owning and managing properties along side the business of construction and remodeling in Northern CA, and found Tom to be the perfect fit to manage our homes in the Fort Worth area. We know ALL aspects of the business of owning rental homes and are active in all. That said, we quickly found Tom to be on the same page with the same pulse for this business. He's a rare and valuable find.

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